Sunday, August 28, 2016

You Don't Always Need A Gun

Anything in reach can be a weapon. That’s what this would-be rapist found out to his chagrin. He thought he had an easy rape, but he didn’t. His intended victim put a screwdriver into his eye and ran. The cops, who are SUPPOSED to be able to protect you, got there in a hurry. Unfortunately, not in time to stop what happened. That was left up to this woman, who is the kind of woman I would like. She doesn’t “just lie back and enjoy it” when being raped. She does what she can to stop it. Maybe the legislators where she lives will ban the screwdriver. That’s what they DO: Ban ANYTHING we can use to defend ourselves. But they can’t ban ALL potential weapons. This woman proved they’re all around us if we but see them. (Opposing Views)

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