Saturday, August 6, 2016

The First Lie

The anti-gun fools are always telling us they don't want to take away our guns. While thare working HARD to take away our guns, and the right of self-defense that goes along with LEGAL gun ownership. Barack Obama is in the “front lines” of such people. Hillary is right behind him. Both have told us they don't want to take away our guns. Both have sponsored much legislation to do just that. That's the first lie they tell, There are many more lies they tell in support of their flawed opinion that the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves and hope the “bad guy” pointing an ILLEGALLY—owned gun at us won't shoot because he figures we aren't a threat. Which is a fantasy, because there's a reason he carries that illegal gun. So he can control the confrontation and get what he wants. And he will not hesitate to shoot, if we show ANY refusal to follow his orders. They know they can't just BAN guns, because of the Constitution, and the fact that we KNOW they can't. So most of the laws they make serve simply to slow down our ability to use a gun in self-defense, or to make the gun useless. The worst of those I've seen is the one in Illinois where you can get a concealed carry permit, but the gun you carry must be UNLOADED! How stupid is THAT? What the hell GOOD is an UNLOADED gun? The whole point here is to remind you not to believe a single word they say. They LIE, because they can't find anything truthful to say about their anti-gun operations. (America's First Freedom)

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