Thursday, August 4, 2016

Where There Are No Guns

At least not in the hands of citizens—unless those citizens are cops, or other government agents, of course. In Great Britain, guns are mostly outlawed—except for the cops and government agents. Not only that, some cops are NOT armed. But England is learning a hard lesson: “When you're faced by an armed criminal, you need to be armed, too.” Or you're going to die. Thus, they're arming more and more cops in England so they'll quit losing them. This story is about a special detail specifically designed to combat terrorism (Islamic terrorism mostly, but they don't say so). Since the events in many places in Europe, including England, they have deployed masked, and heavily-armed, highly trained and militarized troops in response. Of course, if they allowed their citizens to be armed, they might not need so many of them. The “bad guys” never have any trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY, so this is their answer. Don't think that politicians will EVER allow the average citizen to be armed. They're too stupid. (Daily Mail)

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