Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Most Law-Abiding People

This new report shows that concealed gun carriers are the most law-abiding people in the nation. Something that is indicated by the very fact that they HAVE a concealed carry permit, rather than buying a “back-alley gun” somewhere and not bothering to let the government know they have it, as criminals do. And are, according to the figures in the report by the Crime Prevention Research Center, even more law-abiding than the COPS. They found that the number of crimes (including gun crimes) committed by concealed carriers were less than a SIXTH of those committed by COPS! And the cops are supposed to protect us AGAINST crime. Those holding such permits, which can be removed sometimes for trivial offenses, makes them very nervous about how they USE their guns. Cops, not so much. Some cops are so blinded by the POWER they have as “protectors” of society they're much quicker to USE their guns in an illegal manner. (The Daily Signal)

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