Sunday, August 21, 2016

White Houe Exempt

Obama has DICTATED that 9,280 federally-operated facilities MUST recognize his INSANE rules regarding “transgenders. But, of course, the White House is exempted. They can continue to use the logical method of keeping male and female bathroom operations separate, and not “knuckle under” to the wishes of .01% of the population who think what they want should always prevail. It's a continuation of the usual routine of exempting themselves from what they IMPOSE upon us.

THOUSANDS OF REGULATIONS: Obama and his accomplices in crime have created THOUSANDS of regulations (unassisted by Congress) that they have IMPOSED upon us. Regulations too numerous for anybody to understand, let alone obey. Not even those charged with ENFORCING them understand them. And not a single one was approved by Congress, as all laws must be. But these aren't laws, though they are ENFORCED as if they were. Regulations are supposed to cover the DETAILS of how a LAW is to be enforced, but these do nothing of the sort. They have no connection to ANY law. They are simply Obama's DICTATES being enforced as if they WERE law.

FIRE SALE! Hillary has just announced that IF she is elected president, she will stop accepting BRIBES through her foundation. So if you want to buy influence in her (hopefully) administration, you'd better get the money to her now. After the election, should she win, it'll be a different method used to bribe her and her minions. You didn't think she'd actually stop taking bribes, did you? Of course, if she loses (and she will), all this is moot. But if you want to “throw your money away,” feel free to do it.

OBAMA SAYS IT: It MUST be a lie. If it comes out of his mouth, or his pen, it IS a lie. That's a fact. So when the State Department says a video was NOT edited to cover up “sensitive info” that might go against him, it MUST be a lie. I'm not sure what video to which he is referring, but I do know it's a lie when he says it was not edited. The State Department is RUN by Obama, so their spoutings must be considered his. So that's it. How do you learn the truth when Obama is speaking? Just listen to what he says, and think the opposite. Works every time.

PAYING AL GORE? Word is out now that George Soros PAID AlGore to promote global warming. What? Why would he have to PAY Gore to do that, when to do so made him a billionaire? Of course I recognize that neither Gore, NOR Soros could see what a financial windfall global warming would be for Gore and all the other fools who buy that horse manure. But I wouldn't be surprised, at all, that Soros DID fund the original scam, that has grown into not only a major swindle for Gore, but for Obama and other fools, too.

OBAMA CAVES: After Trump called him out for his refusal to go to Louisiana and offer the help of the federal government in their woes, he has FINALLY decided to put his golf clubs away (for a while) and go down there to “show the flag.” It gets pretty bad when a politician needs the criticism of his enemy to do what's right. Hopefully, what he's doing is not just “window dressing” to make people THINK he's actually doing something, while he is just counting up his golf swings more secretly.

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