Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Teach "Em How!

The best way to reduce the possibility of kids shooting each other and themselves is to make that gun hidden in the closet (where they KNOW it is) no longer an item of mystery by teaching them all about guns, their purpose, and their potential danger if “played with.” On top of that, there are many adults who know nothing about guns and might also accidentally shoot themselves of others while trying to figure them out. That possibility is put forward by the anti-gun fools, who think ALL people who have guns are MORE LIKELY to shoot themselves, or others, by accident, rather than shoot an attacker. They're right, to a degree, when talking about those who are not trained in their use. They hate the NRA, because it champions our “right of birth” to own and use firearms for protection. But part of what the NRA does is TRAIN both kids, and adults, in gun use, and gun safety, which does reduce that possibility. But the answer IS training people so they won't BE shooting themselves or others, because they don't know anything about their guns. But they think kids, if they even know a gun is in the house, will misuse it. Which they will NOT, if they're trained. But they don't like that, because it will make their predictions untrue, and they make a lot of money trying to suppress gun ownership and use. (Bearing Arms)

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