Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eliminating Suicide

Harvard says, if guns “went away,” There'd never be any more suicides.” How stupid ARE these people? It really disturbs me that such stupid people are charging big money to “educate our kids!” The same people think “climate change” is more of a problem than Islamic terrorism, taking a tip from Obama, who is just as stupid.. Have these idiots never heard about sleeping pills? Or knives, used to slice open their wrists? Or jumping in front of a train or a car? Or forcing a COP to shoot them? Like criminals, who will always find a weapon to use in victimizing people if there are no guns, so will people bent on “offing” themselves. Yet these stupid people pretend they are the smartest in the world—they're NOT. Not if they make such stupid statements like this, and moreover, BELIEVE it. (Harvard)

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