Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Women Getting More Guns

Better watch out, if you're the kind of man (man?) who likes to beat on your women. Nowadays, women aren't as often getting “stay away orders” which mean NOTHING to a determined woman-beater. They're getting GUNS. You could end up DEAD! Gone is the time when a man who likes to completely control his women, making them fearful to even TALK to others and making sure they have no money OR friends willing to help them could rule their lives. You can't frighten a woman if she has a gun, and knows how to use it. Yes, you might be able to take it away from her. ONCE. But then, she'll get another. And another, however many times it takes until she can kill you with it. And she will learn all your sneaky tricks to get her gun away from her. And you thugs on the street who think all women are “easy pickings,” will soon learn they aren't. If you live long enough for the lesson to take hold. Times are “a changin' “ and you'd better change with them, or be ENDED. (Western Free Press)

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