Monday, August 8, 2016

It's Not A Database!

It's a “repository!” That's the latest scam being run by the anti-gun fools. They know it's illegal for the feds to create ANY new databases, so that's not what they call it. But if it functions like a database, and LOOKS like a database, it IS a database! No matter what they call it. When they get sued for violating the law, that will be their defense: “We didn't start a database, we started a repository.” You and I will know it's a database, and so will they. But they'll deny it to their dying day and they'll probably win in court, too, if they get liberal; judges, who will go right along with their subterfuge. That's a long used scam the government uses when something illegal they do is recognized by the electorate. They just change the name, and go right on breaking the law. Changing the name of their scam is commonly used, because it usually works. A large segment of the electorate “pays no attention to politics” until just before an election, when the lies are flying. So they don't know. So the politicians and bureaucrats get away with it. They're using that scam now so they can create databases of gun owners. (Just common sense)

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