Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Is Gun Control Racist?

Liberals like to label everything that opposes their policies as racist, until the “racist label” no longer means anything. But gun control IS racist. It always has been. It BEGAN as racism, to keep blacks UNARMED, so they could be more easily “dealt with.” That means shot and hanged, with no fear of “incoming fire.” It is pretty much the same today. Realizing this makes it a little easier to move a few “fence-sitters” in the anti-gun crowd, although it will do nothing to convince the hard-headed ones who won't believe ANYTHING that doesn't agree with their preconceived notions. In any case, this article gives some very good reading suggestions for people who want to know the truth. The Ku Klux Klan started out as a “gun control” group, so they would have to fear less gunfire directed at them as they did their “night riding” to “rid the world” of black people. They believe, like most anti-gun fools, that all you have to do is make a LAW to keep people from having guns for self defense. They were wrong then, and are wrong, now. (Bearing Arms)

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