Monday, August 1, 2016

More Guns, Less Crime!

It's a common refrain amongst pro-gun people, and anti-gun fools ridicule it. But their biggest problem is, there is TRUTH in it, where there is NOT in their ideas. More guns in the hands of HONEST, law-abiding people who do NOT commit crimes, can cause LESS crime in several ways. Chief among them is killing armed criminals when they come to victimize them. A dead criminal doesn't shoot many people. Another way is to DETER armed criminals from USING their usually ILLEGALLY-obtained guns to victimize people. Criminals tend to stay away from people who have guns, and away from areas where more people HAVE guns. Mass shooters have ADMITTED that they SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” in which to do their “dirty work” because they KNOW there probably won't be any guns there in the hands of honest people. So the answer to “gun crime” is more guns in the hands of honest people to oppose the guns in the hands of DIShonest people. But don't tell the anti-gun fools that, Their minds are already made up. So don't confuse them with facts. Anybody who thinks they can magically eliminate guns from the world, or who thinks all they have to do is “make a law,” and lawbreakers will mysteriously OBEY it, deserve the name, FOOLS. (AmmoLand)

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