Monday, August 1, 2016

There's No "Gun Problem"

The anti-gun fools like to refer to “the gun problem.” But there is no such thing. A gun can only lay where it was left by a human being. It can't kill anybody until a human being picks it up. Then, it can do good or evil. Usually good when it is in the hand of a police officer or other security person. Bad if it is picked up by a criminal, bent on robbing or killing somebody. So the problem out there is a “people problem.” A car, for instance, is just as big a killer as is a gun. In fact, cars kill as many, or MORE people than do guns. But nobody seriously considers banning them. Banning guns defies logic. But the anti-gun fools will never “tumble” to that. Laws need to be made to better control the CRIMINALS, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who USE guns to victimize innocent people and guilty people, alike. Street gangs ALWAYS have many guns, when they fight over their “turf” or rob somebody, sometimes killing them. What would happen if there WERE no guns, as the anti-gun fools envision? They'd use knives. Or baseball bats. Or any one of many other deadly weapons available. We need to make more laws to control THEM, not the guns, which are innocent, inanimate objects, until USED by malevolent people. (The Daily Beast)

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