Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Huffington Post Is Stupid!

They have no idea what they're doing! To compare NRA with ISIS (or whatever other bunch of initials they're using today) is the heights of stupidity. How many children has NRA beheaded to make a point? How many crowds have they sent a member into to randomly kill as many people as they can? Or how many innocent people have they murdered because they don't believe in what they're preaching? No—they're just trying to protect our right to be armed in self defense, against all the gun-hating politicians who are stupid enough to think that DISARMING ourselves is the way to self defense? But then, Huffington Post is being run by liberals, who think ANYBODY who doesn't “toe their line” is a terrorist, or worse. And nobody with any intelligence is going to convince them otherwise. They're too damned stupid. (Huffington Post)

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