Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Germans Wising Up

Amid the importation of many Islamic terrorists, who go about raping, assaulting, and murdering people with abandon, German citizens are buying guns at a record clip, and applying for permits, also at a record clip. They know something that Angela Merkel doesn't know: that letting so many Islamic terrorists in under the GUISE of “refugees” is dangerous, and they want to have the means for self defense. In America, it's happening, too, albeit not yet in generally record numbers. Obama is as stupid as Merkel on that score. He won't even RECOGNIZE that we are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists. We're seeing more and more mass shootings every day in America, and he does everything he can to HIDE the fact that most of them are done by Islamic terrorists. Like describing that military officer who killed many at Ft. Hood as “workplace violence” even after Nidal gave every signal that he WAS a Muslim terrorist before, during, and after his shooting spree. If this government doesn't wake up soon to the fact that World War III is already upon us, we're going to end up living under Sharia Law in a few years, while covering up our women so nobody will see them and want them except the Muslim men who “marry” them for a night to avoid violating Muslim principles. (RT News)

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