Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"But You Can't See It!"

This “researcher” at the University of Alabama has a “credibility problem.” His “research” seems to show that concealed carriers and mass shootings are connected. Which is a FALSE finding. Legal gun carriers are NOT generally prone to mass shootings! But he says they are, and when asked to see his “research,” he said “no.” Seems to me that if his “research” was real, he'd be very transparent about it. But not this guy, which proves to me there is SOMETHING in there, perhaps his METHODOLOGY, that will disprove his findings, and he doesn't want that. So he will not let people SEE his research. If he thinks he will be believed if he doesn't, he's got another think coming. Sometimes the abject STUPIDITY of some of these anti-gun fools doing “research” amazes me. Florida State University professor Gary Kleck said, “This report is no more than junk science DISGUISED as research and should never have been published in a reputable scholarly journal.” this is an example of the kind of phony “research” the anti-gun fools rely on. (Bearing Arms)

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