Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gun-Free Zones

They just don't work. They're an “open invitation” to the damned fools who want to come in and shoot the place up. Panera Bread is such a place. They have declared all 1,800 of their locations to be “gun-free.” which didn't stop this guy from bringing his gun into one of their stores. And that didn't do much good for two cops who came there in response to a “suspicious person” report. He shot them both dead, between bites. He killed one in the store, and killed another when he was found hiding a short distance away, later. Two other deputies who came later shot HIM to death. I've said, many times, that “no gun zones” are a stupid idea. They do NOTHING to stop people from bringing guns in, and only get people killed. This story is a good illustration of that. Two cops are dead because of that “no-gun zone.” People who are bent on evil-doing don't bother to obey such restrictions. Only the law-abiding do, and they are not the problem. But politicians are too STUPID to realize that, and so, apparently, are the “top brass” at Panera Bread, a place I will never again enter. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

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