Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Japanese Gunman Sought

What? I thought Japan wasn't a “gun culture.” That's why they're so heavily invested in unarmed combat, along with the Chinese. The anti-gun laws in Japan (just like in China) are very tight, and gun crime is almost non-existent (they say). Of course, crime with many weapons less than guns is rampant. Japanese gangs are known to be deadly. And they use knives and unarmed combat. So why is this guy able to get the gun or guns he used to make m=himself a wanted man by Japanese police? I guess we've got proof yet again that laws against gun ownership make no difference to people who really want to get them, in whatever country they live. England, which has VERY tight gun laws, is complaining about high gun crime. Australia, which almost completely BANNED guns after a major shooting, saw a 300% increase in gun crime in subsequent years. Why do politicians all over the world never learn from experience? (The Japan Times)

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