Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why Should I "Carry?"

The gun grabbers say there is no reason for the average “man on the street” to be able to carry a concealed weapon, but that's a LIE. There are many good reasons to carry a gun. First, CRIMINALS just about ALL carry ILLEGAL guns and the only real answer is to carry our own so we will not be defenseless. In one instance recently, two men broke into a home and put a gun to the head of a girl, figuring she'd be an “easy target.” She wasn't. Her boyfriend, who had grabbed his gun when he heard the commotion, shot one to death, and the other one is probably still running. Criminals today think they're the only ones armed, since ignorant politicians have seen to it that most honest people will NOT be armed. Criminals need to be UNSURE that their intended victims will not be armed. Second, more and more Islamic terrorists are coming here, determined to KILL us if we don't “convert” to their phony religion. And there are many malcontents already here who will join them. We NEED to have our own guns, with which to STAY ALIVE, as people do in Israel. My favorite scene is the Jewish woman, standing over a fallen Islamic terrorist (Palestinian), pumping bullets into his face. The Japanese refused to invade the American mainland for a simple reason, They said, “There will be a gun behind every blade of grass.” We need to instill the same fear in Islamic terrorists, and make them think twice before attacking us. (Just common sense)

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