Thursday, January 15, 2015

They SAY It Won't Happen

The anti-gun fools say guns in the hands of the “average Joe” won't stop gun violence, and ignore evidence that they're WRONG. Here's yet another case for them to ignore. In Tulsa, OK, four men walked into a convenience store to rob it. How did the clerk know they were there to rob it, you ask? Maybe the gun in the hand of at least one of them was a clue. So he pulled his own gun and started shooting, killing two of them, one of which was wanted for many things, including murder. He did what the anti-gun fools say can't happen. He stopped a robbery attempt, and stopped at least TWO robbers from ever robbing, again. Maybe one day those “brain dead” gun grabbers will wake up to reality. But I'm not holding my breath. They're not smart enough. (Tulsa World)

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