Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Need for Stricter Gun Control"

The first cops who showed up where 12 people were murdered at a magazine that had “insulted Islam: arrived on BICYCLES and were UNARMED. Meanwhile, the killers had ROCKET LAUNCHERS and Kalishnikovs. The cops had to FLEE when the “bad guys” came out and drove away. Which means those UNARMED cops were worth less than tits on a boar. The French are apparently where our liberals want OUR cops to be. Unarmed, and USELESS. The liberals just will NOT see reality; the reality that cops MUST be armed, and so must a majority of HONEST, reliable citizens, to fight the ILLEGALLY-armed CRIMINALS. Now the press is whining about “potential blowback” against Muslims (which there SHOULD be), both in France, and in America while NY Mayor De Blasio is ENCOURAGING the “blowback: against the COPS! I’m not saying Muslims ought to be assaulted, but I AM saying we should WATCH all Muslims closely. (Hot Air)

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