Friday, January 16, 2015

Papa Johns Thinks Right

One of their delivery drivers shot a robber who tried to rob her at gunpoint. They have a policy that their employees NOT be armed while at work, but they are standing behind her. They say, “Potential robbers should know that not all our employees will be following this policy.” Somebody else (not sure whether he was with the original robber or not) jumped in her car and stole it during the robbery attempt and shooting and is still at large. The robber who was shot was arrested and taken to the hospital. He will be prosecuted after he recovers. It's too bad she wasn't a better shot.. Maybe there's be one less potential pizza delivery driver robber in the world if she was. Frankly, I think ALL policies keeping such employees unarmed in such a dangerous profession are wrong. And it's good that they recognized this in this case, even though they didn't change their policy. But what about the NEXT driver to be robbed, and maybe murdered? For my part, I'd WANT a gun so I would not be help;less in such a situation. (Fox News)

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