Wednesday, January 7, 2015

He Had A GUN!

Robbers are pretty arrogant. These robbers forced their way into this elderly person’s home and pistol-whipped a 62-year-old man. Then they ransacked their home, looking for money, gold, “weed” and jewelry. They made a pile of things they wanted to steal and went out to bring their car up. The man had freed himself and his wife (whom the crooks pulled out of the bathtub naked) and got his gun, then locked himself and his wife in the bedroom. When the arrogant robbers (who had left nobody to guard them) came back, he warned them if they forced their way into the bedroom, they’d be shot. Apparently they didn’t believe him until his bullets started flying as they broke the bedroom door in. He killed one and the other two fled. One gave himself up later. The third “lit out for the tall timber” and hasn’t been seen, nor heard from since. It might have been a very different result if this man had not had a gun. But the anti-gun fools keep insisting otherwise. They think we are so incompetent we'll probably shoot ourselves--or give the gun to the bad guy who will do it for us.(The Right to Bear)

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