Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Gun In Church?

Anti-gun fools ask, “Why would anybody need a gun in church?” Which is a fool question, and the answer is simple. “It’s a place where a crazy shooter would not expect there to be a gun, so it’s a ‘gun-free zone’ to him, which means he can come in there and shoot it up without fear of being shot, himself. And because a crazy might well do so.” It has happened twice that I know of where there WAS somebody with a gun, who DID stop him from doing so. Once in Colorado springs, CO where a tiny woman was legally armed and shot the crazy shooter before he could kill a lot of people. He had already killed two at another church where there WAS nobody there with a gun, and one in the parking lot of this church. The other was this one, where the PASTOR was armed. A former employee was fired by the church and took umbrage to it. Both men had “carry permits,” which means normal “gun laws” would have done NOTHING to stop this shooting. “Time and time again, a ‘good guy with a gun’ defends himself or others and the national media is conspicuously silent. The left maintains a narrative that guns create violence, but they seldom remember to note the many, many lives saved by guns each and every day in America.” (TPNN) Which means they are BIASED in favor of Obama’s wish to DISARM the people of this country so he can “have his way” with them. A question: did you read about this in the liberal media? Or see an item about it in the liberal TV news? (Tea Party News Network)

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