Friday, January 9, 2015

Using Any Excuse

This guy is a veteran, and a former police officer. He went to his doctor for INSOMNIA. Under New York’s new “Safe Act,” that doctor had to report that to the cops whether or not he believed this man posed a danger to himself, or others. So the cops came and “confiscated” (stole) his guns, labeling him as a “danger” since he had trouble sleeping. The Police state is here, folks. Now they’re using such flimsy excuses as THIS to take guns away from honest, responsible citizens who have served their country in several ways. This is evidence of the coming of a police state and a dictatorship, Obama hopes is with HIM “in charge.” We MUST do anything we can to stop this slow TAKEOVER of power in this country. This is how Hitler did it, and how Hugo Chavez did it. The process works. Take power in little bites, and when those “little bites” become BIG bites, nobody can challenge you because you’re too well established. Then you can declare yourself “president for life” and nobosy will have the gonads to say, “NO.” (Last Resistance)

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