Monday, January 26, 2015

Out of Business

Because of too tight gun laws. That's what a New York gun store owner says, as he closes his business after years of service to his community. He's taking his business to North Carolina, where they are a bit more “friendly” to gun owners and people who sell them. New York's “Safe Act” (Which is anything BUT “safe”), among other things, prohibits the sale of magazines holding more than ten rounds, while criminals are more and more being ILLEGALLY armed with what amount to “machine guns.” The gap in armament between honest people and CRIMINALS gets wider and wider as ignorant politicians make law after law to DISARM honest people so they can be unarmed victims of those criminals. These gun laws, far from PROTECTING Americans, leave them HELPLESS before the ILLEGALLY armed criminals and only gets them KILLED. I'm getting sick and tired of saying this, and not being heard by these STUPID politicians. (Patriot Outdoor News)

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