Friday, January 9, 2015

Supporting Second Amendment

Republican senatorial electee Martha McSally made history. With her election, the Republicans took over the Senate, for the first time in years. In addition, she now holds the seat once occupied by virulent anti-gun fool Gabby Giffords, who worked HARD for her defeat because she is NOT in favor of the kind of “gun laws” they’re making these days. Arizonans say the election that installed McSally in the seat showed that Arizonans have spoken on the subject of Second Amendment protection from anti-gun fools such as Giffords. It seems as though people like Giffords always go in the wrong direction when they talk about “gun control,” wanting to make laws that disarms honest people, while criminals, who obey NO laws, always manage to get their guns. That’s why they usually lose in the end. (The Right to Bear)

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