Friday, January 23, 2015

Teens Killed Breaking and Entering

This home, owned by an elderly female, had been broken into several times before, and she was afraid. She had no way of knowing who was doing it, and was afraid they were going to hurt her next time. So she asked her neighbor for help. So when two men (they could not tell were teens) broke in AGAIN, he shot and killed them. The family of the teens whined about them being killed, since they were just “little boys.” Yeah, right! Seems to me they were doing “an adult thing” when they broke into a house to ROB it, and there is ALWAYS the chance they will be shot by the homeowner, no matter how young they are (in the dark, there's no way of telling). They put themselves in a dangerous place, and got themselves killed. Too bad. (The Right to Bear)

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