Monday, January 5, 2015

Cops Shouldn't Shoot Back

Criminals are incensed that a cop in Berkely, MO, another St. Louis suburb, would actually SHOOT a suspect who pointed a gun at him. I guess they think he should just sit there and let that thug KILL him. Emotions over what turned out to be a “righteous killing” in Ferguson have “boiled over” and people are now getting mad when a cop shoots a criminal who points a gun at him. This is NOT a case of a cop “targeting” a black man. It is a case of a cop defending himself against being MURDERED by an armed criminal. It’s easy to not get shot by a cop. Don’t point a gun at him, and don’t try and overpower him if you’re bigger than he is. Those who do, get just what they deserve: a bullet or two. (Guns‘n’ Freedom)

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