Saturday, January 31, 2015

School Strip-Searches Children

At this school, in Gustine, Texas, they apparently have little regard for constitutionality. If they were to tell me to “drop my drawers,” I'd tell them to “go to hell.” But that's what they did to a bunch of elementary school children (male and female) because they “found some feces on the gym floor several times.” They thought maybe this way they could figure out who left it there. Never mind those children's right NOT to be subjected to such humiliation, especially without notification of the parents. What the hell ever made those “school officials” think they had the right to do such a thing is beyond me. Methinks maybe they have a “dictator” complex. In any case, “school officials” who would do such a thing should not only be FIRED on the spot, they should also be prosecuted for aggravated child abuse and jailed for a long time. Not telling the parents BEFORE this action should be a separate charge, (Eagle Rising)

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