Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gun Grabbers Use Lying "Report"

The report to which I refer talks about Vermont—a state whose total people killed is LESS than are killed in the City of Chicago before LUNCH on any given Saturday. It said that 126 guns are sold to felons or the MENTALLY ILL, just through THREE web sites. They did a “sting operation” where they offered 24 guns for sale and got 169 “takers, of which many of them were felons or mentally ill (though how they determined that, I don't know). All they established was that some prohibited people were INTERESTED in buying guns. But they have NO proof that a SINGLE gun was actually BOUGHT by any of these people though what they put out intimated they DID buy their guns. It's typical gun-grabber propaganda. Not true, but sworn to. These people have a sordid history of fabricating data, so NOTHING they say should be believed. (Bearing Arms)

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