Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family Outraged

He was holding a gun to the head of a man who was on his knees begging for his life when a bystander, who was legally armed, told him to drop his gun. He turned to shoot the man, who shot him five times. The criminal’s family is “incensed” that somebody who “didn’t have a gun pointed at HIS head” would shoot their boy. But that’s a LIE. He was turning to shoot the “good Samaritan” when shot. He was NOT killed, even though shot five times. If I had been shooting him, he’d be dead. It amazes me how STUPID some people could be. And this family fits that description. Their family member should have realized that the criminal isn’t always the only person around who is armed when he threatened the life of that clerk after already performing one successful armed robbery elsewhere that day. Frankly, I think ALL armed robbers should be SHOT when, and where found. And those who shoot them should NOT “shoot to wound.” (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

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