Monday, January 19, 2015

Gun Owning Is NOT Criminal!

In Austin, Texas, police chief Art Acevedo wants residents to “turn in” gun owners who are upset at the government after Larry McQuillams carried out a threat against the government (For WHAT?)? Is it a “crime” to be mad at the government and own a gun?) just because ONE crazy did it?. I have to ask: what is illegal about a gun owner who is mad at the government? I'M mad at the government, and I have no intention to do anything about it except write the truth for all to see. We keep getting told not to go after ALL Muslims because of the “extremists” who kill innocent people, but apparently the same thing doesn't apply to American citizens who are angry at the excesses of this government, recently, and happen to own a gun. They talk about “gun enthusiasts” as if just owning a gun made you a “gun enthusiast and a criminal.” That's the typical phony rhetoric engaged in by most of the gun grabbers. If I go to buy a gun, will I be seen by such cops as a “criminal,” subject to having my gun “confiscated” (stolen) unlawfully? Even though I will have NOT committed any “crime” (nor wiill I) except to have bought a gun? People like this police chief need to be FIRED and forever forbidden to hold ANY position where they may hurt innocent people because of their bias.(Truth and Action)

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