Saturday, January 24, 2015

.38 Caqliber Circumcision

Don't call this woman “grandma.” A holdup man made that mistake. He held up the convenience store where she worked. She gave him the money because he had a gun, but when he said, “Thanks, grandma,” she pulled out her gun and gave him a .38 caliber circumcision. She now has the best behaved kids in the neighborhood, and gang-bangers never bother her any more. We definitely need more like her out there. Make potential holdup men think twice before robbing them. He'll still get sex while in prison, but will only be a “receiver” because he has nothing to “give” with any more. I keep telling the fools who want to DISARM honest people while the criminals seem to get their guns easily that this is the wrong approach, but they don't listen. Maybe some day we'll get some INTELLIGENT politicians who will start punishing the USE of a gun in a crime rather than create more unarmed victims as they do, today. But I'm not holding my breath. (Safe Share)

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