Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Worse Than I Thought

I thought VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe was crazy when he said “93 Americans are killed every day by guns.” That was an impossible number that didn't happen. But he's loonier than I thought. His figure was actually “93 MILLION Americans killed by guns every day.” 93 MILLION! And this man is the GOVERNOR of Virginia and a former Democrat National Committee Chairman! How did such an ignorant man ever get to this point? Corruption in politics, is how. They've got things fixed, everywhere on the East Coast. When he is put out of one job, he gets another. When a Democrat elite wants a new political job, the “powers that be” “fix it” for him/her. That's how Hillary got that senatorship, to set things up for her to run for president. They even dispensed with her most important opponent for her. Before that, it's how she got to be Secretary of State, with NO experience, anywhere, that qualified her for such an important position. She really screwed up badly there! Previous to that, all she was, was the WIFE of a president and a governor, and that's ALL. None of that qualified her to be a senator, OR Secretary of State. And CERTAINLY not president. And the same thing is true for Terry. He's obviously too ignorant to be a governor, or anything else except, maybe dog catcher. And probably not that, either. (Breitbart)

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