Monday, July 31, 2017

Gun Buyback Failure

All these highly touted “gun buybacks” are supposed to get guns “off the streets.” But what happens to the guns they collect, after everybody stops looking? One county judge found out recently. He turned in a gun he got from his father, handing it to a couple of cops in return for a Visa debit card worth less than $100. Then recently, the same gun was found next to the body of a street gang member who was shot by a Cicero, IL cop. Now he's asking what happened? How did a gun he thought was “off the streets” end up back ON the street in the hands of a gang member? Seems like the cops “lost track of” 130 guns that had been taken in such buybacks, or confiscated after they were used in crimes, and were stored in a warehouse since the 1990s. FOUR of these guns were seized during arrests later. This article didn't say if this one was the fifth, or one of the four. And how many are gone and NOT noticed? SOMEBODY who had access to those stored guns must have took some and sold them. Kinda makes those who set such store in buyback programs look pretty silly, doesn't it? (Chicago Sun-Times)

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