Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Melting Down Guns

LA county melted down 4,971 guns recently, and they think that will “make a dent” in the “gun crime” problem. Like most anti-gun fools, they think getting rid of a few guns will solve their problem. Of course, the bad guys will just buy or steal more guns and continue killing people. Most of the guns collected for this farce were in bad condition, so the bad guys just got rid of some old, defective guns, while keeping their newer, good ones. They published pictures of a large pile of guns while “taking a victory lap” and patting themselves on the back. They think that will make a difference in the “gun violence” in their territory—it will NOT. Gun crime will continue, unabated, while the politicians figure out more and better ways to spend our money. They're good at that. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that the way to stop gun crime is to let the law-abiding citizens have, and carry their own guns, with which to kill a few ILLEGAL gun-wielding thugs. And studies have proven that a thug who has been killed won't kill many more people. (Guns)

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