Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dream On, Babe!

Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) says, “I sense momentum in the push for gun safety in state regulation.” Really, Shannon? What about all the states passing concealed carry laws? A MAJORITY of states now have such laws in force. Actually, I sense momentum in gun RIGHTS at state level. They call their silly laws, “gun safety,” but they are ANYTHING but that. They make law-abiding people HELPLESS against the ILLEGAL guns held by criminals and other “bad guys.” Their laws simply get innocent people KILLED and injured, but they're too stupid to perceive reality. Every time their laws are proven to be useless, they push to make MORE of them, while innocent (and guilty) people suffer. We tell them and tell them, that their laws don't work, but they're not listening. It's like throwing a rock at a boulder. It just bounces off their cement-like skulls. Chicago is one of the best examples of that: with all the TIGHT gun laws in force there, Chicago has been declared a “war zone,” and the National Guard has been called out. Visitors are being warned to be careful when going out. (Guns)

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