Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Phony NRA Members

Although there are really just 5 MILLION NRA members, 14 million people SAY they're NRA members. Why, I don't know. Maybe it's just wishful thinking of people who may have ONCE been members and feel like they still are, and maybe many of them only claim membership so pollsters will ask their opinion AS a NRA member. The NRA never gives out member information, so there's NO WAY pollsters can get that information except to ask the NRA itself to poll their members, which they regularly do. But pollsters from all over PRETEND to know what NRA members think, and it's only a PRETENSE. Other people CLAIM NRA membership so they can give pollsters false information, and pollsters paid for by anti-gun fool groups “eat it up” like a puppy licking an ice cream cone. I'm sure that's how they came by their strange idea that a MAJORITY of NRA members SUPPORT their silly, ineffective “gun laws” that do nothing but get law-abiding people KILLED by keeping them DEFENSELESS against ILLEGALLY armed criminals. They talk incessantly about how many people are killed by guns, IGNORING the fact that almost ALL of them are killed by ILLEGAL guns. (NRA-ILA)

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