Friday, July 21, 2017

Gun-Grabber's Ignorance

Letting female victims of their men's beatings have guns for self defense is bad, because it adds the possibility of deadly action to the equation.” That's what this “gun-grabber” who writes for Huffington Post thinks, anyway. Maybe she should find an abusive boyfriend. Maybe her opinion might change, but that's doubtful. Anti-gun fools aren't smart enough to recognize reality. She really thinks abuse victims should have NO WAY to avoid serious injury, or even death at the hands of their abusers. Does she have a better answer? No. She just tells people what to do or not to do and is willing to take the risk--for other people. The unfortunate truth is, she is right, at least in that anti gun fool cops and prosecutors will more than likely arrest and imprison her when she DOES defend herself with her gun, legally carried, or not. They shouldn't have the power to do that, when it is clearly self defense. But they do. In any case, I'd rather be in prison than in a coffin. (Truth About Guns)

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