Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Gun Control Is Racist"

That's what a writer at Salon thinks, anyway. She talks about Trump's “heavy handed” enforcement of gun laws, which is completely non-existent. She compared gun violence reports to the old “red line” policies of the past (80 years ago), and found similarities. Thus, she determined that gun control was racist. I really get tired of liberals always coming out with new things that are “racist,” based on the thinnest “evidence” possible, and which stretch the definition of racism to the limit. She “found” that neighborhoods red lined 80 years ago have higher incidences of gun violence than anywhere else. That does NOT indicate racism. It indicates the FACT that more people LIVING in those neighborhoods COMMIT gun violence. It has nothing to do with the fact that the neighborhood was “red lined.” Liberals work HARD to try and convince the rest of us that as many things as possible are actually racist, even if they have to twist the truth unmercifully to accomplish it. By so doing, they cause the word “racism” to become meaningless. (Salon)

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