Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stay Away From Chicago!

If you want to stay alive, that is. Thugs killed 8 people and wounded a total of 60 people, just over the July Fourth weekend. In spite of all their very tight “gun laws.” What has to happen for the anti-gun fools in Chicago to learn their lesson? That all their silly laws not only do NOT stop, or even slow down the fool gang members killing one another and others? Telling them this is like throwing a glass of water into a lake. It just “doesn't compute.” They're not intelligent enough to “tumble” to that fact. A law should be made to eliminate such people who make such laws from the legislature AND from the city lawmaking bodies for stupidity. And in New York City, a thug shot and killed a female cop from ambush. Of course, New York City is well known for their tough gun laws, which did NOTHING to keep a gun out of the hands of the killer. Cops did accomplish that in this case—by KILLING she shooter. (Chicago Tribune)

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