Friday, July 28, 2017

Ignorant Politicians

In Baltimore, a mayoral candidate wants to DISARM the cops. He says, “There are other options for them to use, including pepper spray (which only works some times) and batons (which works IF you can get close enough without getting SHOT by a criminal's ILLEGAL gun. Such political ignorance should get such a politician ERASED from the political scene. He/she should NEVER be allowed CLOSE to a law-making body with a vote. Ignorant politicians like this completely forget that disarming the cops does NOT disarm the crooks—and the cops need PARITY with the armed crooks, as do other citizens. He wants to divert financing for the cops to his “social programs,” saying that, “If we can see WHY people shoot each other, maybe we can stop it.” Typical liberal ignorance, going against human nature. How STUPID can you be? He just wants more of YOUR money to give away to people who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING, and EARN nothing, as do most liberals. (The Blaze)

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