Friday, July 28, 2017

"Who Ya Gunna Call?"

The fools we call “Black Lives Matter” are damned fools. They think we can actually get along without the cops. But who are they gonna call when somebody victimizes THEM? Some thugs they know who have ILLEGAL guns? What's in it for them? Do they go out, every day and try to do what they can to protect us like the cops do? The cop haters tell us that cops “go hunting” for blacks to shoot and kill. That's a damned fool notion and a LIE. Cops are there to PROTECT us, and they do. The only people they hurt are those who want to hurt innocent people, as a rule. Yes, there are exceptions, such as the Somali cop who was a “political hire,” and who killed an innocent woman by mistake, and the other cop who panicked and killed an innocent man who was simply trying to inform him he was legally armed. Things happen. But the BLM fools want you to think the cops do that ON PURPOSE. They do NOT. Those who do will be “weeded out.” Truth is, we can't do without the cops. Only FOOLS think we can. Fools who WANT us to do without the cops so they can rob and kill us without opposition. (Just common sense)

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