Monday, July 24, 2017

Creeping Stupidity

Great Britain, having already made the fool mistake of almost banning ALL guns and finding that doesn't “solve the gun problem,” are now poised to make an even bigger mistake—banning all knives. What's next? Banning stones? Having mostly banned all guns, they now say “Knife crime is now a scourge on our society.” They call even self defense with a knife a “knife crime.” In England, as here, the anti-gunners are more interested in eliminating all means of self defense for the citizens—unless, of course, you're a criminal. or work for the government (or both), then, of course, you need to have the means to defend yourself from all those wascally ILLEGAL guns—and to oppress those who have none. What they are finding, of course, is the triumph of the right to self defense. After they ban all knives, people will find something else to use to defend themselves. And when they ban that, something else. And so it goes. I recommend somebody start teaching people how to use everyday objects in defending themselves. They can't ban EVERYTHING. (Captain's Journal)

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