Thursday, July 6, 2017

Calif. Throws Blame Elsewhere

California anti-gun fools are frustrated. They feel that their already way too tight “gun laws” aren't good enough to stop the flow of guns into their state from elsewhere. So now they want the Congress to make even more and tighter laws, nationally. What they don't realize, and never will, is that ALL their laws do NOTHING to “stop gun violence,” and never will, so long as they target the GUNS, not the people using them to commit crimes. You CAN'T stop guns coming into the state completely. There will ALWAYS be a “black market” in guns, EVERYWHERE. Every law they make makes honest, law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns out there. And they do it in spite of the constitutional guarantee of our absolute RIGHT to be armed in self defense. Allowing law-abiding people to be armed as the “first line of defense” against ILLEGAL guns is something they simply won't even consider. They're THAT stupid. (S.F. Chronicle)

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