Friday, July 21, 2017

Gun Control--Then Reality

California is flailing about in all directions trying desperately to “control” guns and thus reduce, or eliminate “gun crime.” They have no idea what they're doing, and the sum effect of all their laws is getting law-abiding people, who OBEY their laws, killed and injured, while the criminals and other “bad guys” disobey them. They just can't understand the fact that the “bad guys” disobey laws for a living, and are not likely to obey their useless laws. All their laws are a mish-mash of micro-managing that defies understanding and are, themselves, difficult to enforce. Clearly, the best defense is an offense—which means we need to allow the law-abiding to have and use guns for their own self defense to counter the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the bad guys. But the anti-gun fools aren't intelligent enough to realize this truth. They shudder at the very thought of law-abiding people with their own guns, while bad guys already have their own guns. Disarming yourself is NOT the way to self defense, but they'll never know that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. (Breitart)

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