Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Real Men Don't Need Guns"

That's what the female gun-grabbers say, but they don't want you to know that THEY do. Recently, they did a “march” from Fairfax, VA to Washington, DC to PROMOTE anti-gun legislation, PROTECTED BY ARMED GUARDS. This is a typical contradiction they don't even seem to understand. They're not too bright. If they were, they'd KNOW that the laws they support are USELESS to stop, or even slow down gun violence, because the perpetrators of gun violence don't OBEY laws—ANY laws. So why do they expect them to suddenly obey theirs? They need to find some kind of solution the worst criminals can't ignore, instead of continuing to insist on making USELESS laws nobody obeys. But that will never happen. These people are too STUPID to come to such a conclusion. They just keep on making laws than only make law-abiding people defenseless, and killing people, while being blissfully unaware of that. (Keep and Bear)

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