Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FBI: "Gun Control Didn't Work"

The FBI recently came out with a report that basically says, “Gun control, as we know it, wouldn't have stopped the Alexandria shooting.” Virginia anti-gun fools say “lax gun control in Virginia is responsible,” but that's wrong. The guns the shooter used were bought LEGALLY in Ohio, not Virginia. It is said that he shouldn't have even been ABLE to buy a gun because he had been CHARGED with domestic abuse in the past. Note: he was “charged,” but not CONVICTED. Thus, he had a “clean record.” He is also known to have converted one of his guns to take an illegal magazine, after purchase. Frankly, NONE of the current gun control laws now in force would have had a bit of control over his gun purchases or modifications. And if they had, he simply would have gotten them ILLEGALLY, as most criminals do. (National Review)

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