Monday, July 10, 2017

Phony "Study" Results

A recent “study” by an outfit that puts out “findings” KNOWN to be biased “found” that concealed carry laws “caused” increases in felonies by concealed carriers. In areas where crime rose after a concealed carry law was passed does NOT mean it CAUSED that increase in felonies. Their biased figures included felonies in TRAFFIC cases which did not even involve a gun. The truth is, gun felonies by concealed carriers are in the THOUSANDTH of a percentage of ALL “gun crimes,” which they ignore. Typically, gun carry permit holders WILL be arrested, even if their actions were in self defense—until the cops can determine that. Very few CONVICTIONS were recorded. This outfit never responds to criticisms of their “studies,” but just go on, as if nothing ever happened. They continue to put out flawed “studies,” as if they were true. Their “studies” are therefore ALL questionable. But the anti-gun fools use them regularly. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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