Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Only In Chicago

Chicago has some of the toughest “gun laws” in the country, ALL of which violate the Second Amendment, but do NOTHING to stop those who wish to do us ill from getting a gun. The Second amendment clearly says, the right of ALL Americans to be armed, “shall NOT be infringed.” But they make laws and regulations all the time that DO “infringe” on that right, which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Example: In Chicago, there has been a STRING of armed robberies, one of them featuring a SIX-YEAR OLD, brandishing a gun. Show me ANYWHERE it is legal for a six-year old to have and use a gun, never mind what this one used it for! And somehow I suspect the guns those ADULTS used in their robberies were not legally bought. It is obviously very easy to get ILLEGAL guns in Chicago, and the “bad guys” take full advantage of it. That's in SPITE of those “tough gun laws. So what the hell good are they? One day, the anti-gun fools will find a law that really works, and I'll be right with them. But I'm not holding my breath waiting. I'm not fond of turning blue. (NBC Chicago)

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